Hello from a newbee

Hello all,

I am looking for support as I restart my journey to being better fit. I had been doing well last year, but lost my motivation. My goal is to start working out tomorrow morning, today I said goodbye to my favorite coffee as it was putting too much junk in my trunk. Please hold me accountable and share your successes!

I think I can help although I am not good at much working out I enjoy. What kind of program are u starting.

I am doing Turbo Jam, something that I got hooked on a few years ago. So proud of myself I got up and worked out like I planned!

Congrats keep up the good work

Keep up the good work! I lost 30lbs after several months of working out and a drastic change in diet. Remember to switch up the programs to give your body a new challenge everyone once in awhile.

Incorporate strength training into ur workig the combination of cardio and strength training will increase ur metabolism significantly. Hydrate and hydrate more I drink at least a gallon a day don't skiP breakfast it gives ur metabolism a jump start. I don't recommend dieting but rather eating smaller meals through out the day

The exercise is the easiest part. Stay put with your diet.