Hello from new member

Hello group members;
This is my first time to be at this site. I got a Rx of Chantix and will start tomorrow with quit date on the 13th.
My name is Carol and I live in San Francisco. I am 67 and have smoked since I was 15. This could really be a problem, time will tell but trying to go into this with a good attitude. I am disabled and it leaves me with chronic pain. I mostly stay home at the computer a lot and smoking more than ever, of course a lot of them just burn up. I would say smoking about three packs a day. My in-home support is Chinese and she started buying my cigarettes in Chinatown. They are way cheaper there and they are legal cigs although I have heard that you can buy illegal ones there but I want to have nothing to do with that.
My insurance did not cover Chantix then I got a letter saying that they will give me a one momth's supply even though I was turned down and I can have my doctor fill out a form. I hope I will be able to get more but at this point I do not know. I try to tell myself that if I get a good start with the Chantix and I do not get more maybe I can use the patch and still be successful.
Looking forward to meeting you and hearing your stories.
If I am going to make it I will really need support.

Dear friend, have faith and hope, and you will achieve you goal. It is not an easy road, take one day at the time. I will be praying for you. God bless you.