Hello Group

Finally tuesday is here ,I have been waiting not too patiently through the long weekend to get on the phone with my Doctor and get things rolling , I have been without counseling and meds for some time and it finally caught up with me and kicked my butt and over a long weekend that was supposed to be time for fun.
I just felt like like crap never cried so much.
I could not seem to say anything that didn't seem to alienate people from me. My brother in law was the only person I had to turn to , he helped by giving me a place to go to get away for the weekend and monday we talked a roof that he needed to replace since May , It felt good to actually do something , lately I have not been able or not have felt like doing anything. Everything has been neglected starting with neglecting myself.
So it is time to face my problems once again , not knowing what the phone calls will bring is what is the worst because I know it is not a quick process. To get back into treatment. Please Pray for me

I made some phone calls and have an appointment for tomorrow at 1 pm that is to see a regular Doctor to talk to about my meds.
I called pparx and have started the process there too.
To see if I can get help to pay for them.
So now all I can do is wait.

I went to Hanneford Super Market/ Pharmacy and got an application for prescription help, then I went to the Mental health office Caleo Center and filled out a form to get counseling they have a $31.00 co-pay per visit Medicare is killing me and I have to pay for it too !OMG.
I am so broken, I feel the world is trappling over me like a herd of buffalo.
There is compassion in this world but we need more.

hard to belive that the beginning of this thread was my very first post here , and what a difference time has made .

As B.D. said in another post RECENTLY

The question someone asked her was something like this =
Does life get easier as you get older?

Beautiful said something like this =
No you just get a whole new set of problems.
This is so true .

Today although I feel better now than before, my problems are different from 3 weeks and 5 days ago and in 3 weeks and 5 days from now they will be already different again.

From Mood Disorders to Bipolar Disorder