Hello guys… so it’s about my mother.I’m 29 years old n

Hello guys… so it’s about my mother.I’m 20 years old n my dad passed away when I was 8. Ever since that my mom had multiple boyfriends . She did take good care of me raise me well. And from like two years she was single n few months ago she met a guy. So he’s a really cool nice guy. Better than mom. When he comes over to our place I don’t even go say hi I only hv seen him one day I don’t even go out when he comes. So one week ago we planned this trip n my mother wanted to bring her boyfriend so it was just we 3. He’s apparently a diving instructor so he took me diving n not my mom so my mom upset for that. He was a nice person taught me the lessons of diving. So after that he followed me on Instagram to check the dice pics n asked me to share his page so that my frnds will see n he’ll get more clients that’s all he spoke to me Just few words. But my mother thinks something is going on between me and him. (Also my mother is so jealous with me. Like she wanted me to post a picture of me n mom on her Facebook n she’s like why are u posting pics of u looking good n just pics of u it’s my Fb and all also when we are getting ready when I apply lipstick she’s like why are u applying lipstick are u trying to be a big woman now tryna outshine me. ) Back to trip… so even tho we went on the trip I went diving had abit fun but that man didn’t take my mom diving soo she was upset. I love my mom no matter what so I was telling her dw n all n also that man is cunning n money minded he took me diving cs he wanted to promote his page only reason.. no matter what I tell mom when she’s sad she doesn’t care when the man comes n call her again she forgets all n start acting so rude towards me. So we got home from the trip n this man is like ignoring her so now recently from like two weeks every time I fall asleep she’s checking my phone plus continuously asking me if he’s talking to me and all first she’s asking as a joke if I’m talking n I say no then when he won’t respond she’s like are u talking to him and just few mins ago I was sleeping n she suddenly comes ti my room starts scolding saying all **** to me. And she’s accusing me of sleeping with her man and 24/7 telling me sh** n she won’t even let me post a picture where I can even show my leg she’s so jealous she’s thinking I’m doing everything ti get her man and all I went thru so much cs of her from small days n still I am now it’s worse she’s calling me a sl**t n various **** I’m so helpless I have no family members ti tell these to I told my best friend cs only she helps me from small days but I didn’t tell her mom had multiple dudes when I was small I just as one man…. I’m so hurt cs she’s jealous of her own child her mindset is this “ a stranger will takecare of me better than my own kid “ like why can’t we bring no man to our life’s live happily.. I’m so heartbroken she’s accusing me telling **** all the time I’m honestly scared she’ll hurt me. I’m so lost I don’t wanna kill myself at the same time I have no one to go to.

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Omg that's horrible I get it!! Ok, your mother has issues that she can't control and you can't control what she says or does but you can control what you do. Even though you aren't doing anything wrong, under the extreme circumstances you may want to consider not having any pics of you on FB. I know you prob would like too but this is the situation you're in so you have to do whatever it takes to survive more peacefully with your mother until you have more options. You know now that those is the way she is so you have to keep in survival mode. If she meets another guy keep your distance say hello but then get out of the room just leave, pretend you were going for a walk or going to bed early but just leave. That will be your control.
I'm sure it is heart breaking and anyone would love to get along with their mother but sadly she has mental and emotional issues, her mentality and emotions are like that of a jealous kid sister not a mature healthy functioning mother. I'm very sorry that's what you were dealt, it isn't your fault at all this is something that is way more common than people know so never ever blame yourself. Try to love yourself ok. Hugs

I can relate I’m a middle child who graduated at 16.5 and had a college degree by age 20 my mom hates me and admires my older sister and younger half brother hates me everyone in my family hates me

@barbiebaby12 That’s amazing. So proud of you. I really am.
I just wish your family was more supportive of what you have done.
I do not know to many who graduate high school, at 16.5.
Well, I did graduate in 1994 from high school, before the internet age.