hello happy people also procrastinating

Just want to say I hope you’re all doing well and staying positive. It’s a stressful time of year. Im trying to give myself a break and not be too harsh on myself. It is what it is, things are what they are. I bought myself a chocolate bar, bueno barrrr :slight_smile: And I have a french vanilla from Tims because Im canadian so it’s the only patriotic thing we have besides moose, or polar bears or igloos. And I heard the Us of A BOUGHT Tim Hortons, so I mean really we only have the other stuff now. And Im just here for a short time not a long time a procrastinating time not a long time. I’m pretending someone will read this and think WOW this old chaptick is a really interesting person who knows how to kill time. I wohld like to say that time killed me first. Im innocent. If anything the sounds of happy frolicking drunk people is livening the mood a bit. Whomever thought of putting a university downtown really wasnt that wisdomed. I bid you bidding. Im not drunk, im only drinking coffee. Just anxious abd sleep deprived.

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I hope you get well. :slight_smile:

i personally love twinkies.:slight_smile: so much so that my nickname is Tinky. (we call them Tinkies here in SOuth AFrica)


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