Hello. Here's the classic I'm new here. Acne is consuming my

Hello. Here's the classic I'm new here. Acne is consuming my confidence. I'm 18 years old, male and straight. I never had breakouts like I have now but I always had that occasional pimple that, didn't really bother me. This breakout started on February 2018 and it is still going... I stopped eating milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, chocolate, grassy foods like chicken, processed sugars like oreos and general biscuits and pasta. I can't really leave sugar because I'm diabetic type 1 and when my blood sugar is low I need it. I used to be more outgoing and confident but now I even reject friends who offer to go out, sometimes even females. I'd say I was good looking but now I can't really imagine me with a girlfriend and I think "why bother if I look like this", I do have a friend female who I have sexual encounters but I"m a girlfriend guy and she's not what I'm looking for. I do know what I'm missing: exercise and quality sleep. I have an athlete kinda fit and go to the gym at least once a week but I do not enjoy it. I was planning on maybe doing exercise but I now feel shy about going out which is fcking stupid and I know it. I use exfoliating cream and another one that I put after, specialized for acne. I made an appointment next week so i can maybe get some kind of medication. advice or any kind of help is appreciated.

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I always have more pimples when I'm more stressed. If you haven't been sleeping enough lately that might be a reason for the sudden increase of breakouts. At your age you need 8-10h of sleep daily. I would definitely make an appointment with GP to check possible hormone problems. At your age they might also be the reason. Try not to clean your skin all the time, it actually increases the oil. And clean it gently, don't scrub too much. For me the only thing that really works is products with at least 5% benzoyl peroxide. Neutrogena has a good one.

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Thank you @AnaOliver. I do have an appointment next Friday and yeah, the reason I left all those dairy products is due to their high increase in testosterone plus the use of insulin when I eat them it all forms a big shot of testosterone. I take a shower everyday and that’s when I clean my skin, so not too many times. Thank you and I’ll be sure be on the look out for Neutrogena :).

Hey there, I'm in a similar situation and I tried to change my diet too. I didn't eat anything dairy, anything with oil or added sugar, and anything processed. I stuck to this diet ruthlessly for three months and absolutely nothing happened. I finally went to see a dermatologist a few weeks ago and I told him about this diet I was following and how it had failed in clearing my skin. He told me that at my age (I'm 16, but he told me this applied to most teens), it rarely has to do with what you're eating or how you're sleeping or if your exercising regularly. They are obviously still important but usually, I stress the word 'usually', when a teenager has acne, it's linked to genetics and hormones. You booking an appointment is the best thing you could have done, I hope it goes well and that your treatment works. You just have to be patient, I guess. Good luck, stay strong!

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@AnaOliver. Ok, so it has been a month since I posted about my acne, I went to see a GP and she prescribed Lymecycline for 3 months every day, I bought two Neutrogena products; a wash and a mask and also two benzoyl peroxide Acnecide products. I’ve used two of the four products at least once a day for a month and it’s gotten better, it is still not good but it’s better. @ajjakub you’re right, diet doesn’t really affect acne, I think my biggest enemy at the moment is my pillow since it’s really hot and I sweat during the night leaving all that dirt on the pillow and I’ve noticed that the affected areas consist mostly of the parts of my face that rest on the pillow, my forehead and my nose are clear whilst my jaw and cheeks are affected by acne. I have regained confidence but I still feel like I don’t deserve to be with an attractive female. There’s still work to do, but it’s getting better.