Hello ,how do I et my girlfriend to put down facebook?

hello ,how do I et my girlfriend to put down facebook?

Take her out, plan a fantastic evening, knock her socks off, if she still can't put down her phone and pay attention to you, well it might be time to think if you want to stay in this relationship. CK

When we go out,she uses the face book ap as she talks and eats,even wakes up in the am to peek at it.. I have been trying to talk with her to get her to stop,a losing battle.

She may have to close it out it's addictive

I wish.She uses it every few minutes and went into a panic the one time I hid her phone

Oh that's a problem lol but not sure what will stop her unless u break up w her

you can lock people out of it. or delete it if its really that bad :p

I wish. I am the one who has a problem with it. Seems like I am dating a cell phone Zombie. Plus , when I found out all of the guys she is talking to it made me insane with jealousy and anger.

UHm in my book thats kinda cheating….. so i would drop her like its hot.

haha thank you

@Freedom is just another word. I love her though it is hard. I wound up trying to get back at her for all of the men in her digital life and only wound up hurting myself.