Hello, i am 15 years old and me and gf have been trying to h

Hello, i am 15 years old and me and gf have been trying to have sex ( for anyone who has something like " you guys are too young " to say please dont comment) and its been hard for me to keep or get an erection. I was thinking about using viagra or cialis but after doing some research on it the safest way to acquire them is to get a perscription but i dont know if i want to talk to my doctor about it and it might have side-effects to it and i really shouldnt be needing it at my age. If anyone knows how i can deal with this please talk to me

Hi - a person of your age should normally not have any issues with ED. You should be in the springtime of your life. Do you masturbate a lot? If so, I would stop this for a few weeks and then try to have sex. It may get your fire lit again. Also, I would only use pharmaceuticals as a last resort. I have used them and they did work for me, but they also gave me bad side effects. If you do want to go to the step of using pharmaceuticals, you want to make sure you use high quality ones. Best thing would be to either speak to a doctor or otherwise get a prescription. You want to be very careful with buying them online. You never know whats in them.. If it could be of any help, I struggled with ED for many years but have found a way to overcome these problems naturally. Its been more than 3 years and I am still free of ED. I have made a website about my journey and experiences, and you find it if you search for Truelibido.

@JPC Thank you so much. I do masturbate a lot ive tried to stop in the past but i always seem to get back to it. I know i shouldn’t have problems at this age thats why its so hard for me to go see a doctor i wouldnt know where to go what to ask. Its just makes me feel so insecure since all my friends at my age have no problems with it and i dont want to tell them about mine.