Hello i am a 40 year old woman suffering from obesity. I wei

Hello i am a 40 year old woman suffering from obesity. I weigh 275. I am miserable. I would love to lose weight but i refuse to go outside and walk because people will look at me. I hate neing in public because of the way i look. Anyone else like this?

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Ok here's what you do. Go on a low carb diet. That means you can eat all the meats..sausages, steak, lamb chops, chicken, mince, fish and as much of it as you like. You can have eggs for breakfast...bacon too if you like. You can also have some cheese, half an avocado a day, cucumber and other salad veges, asparagus..anything that is not a starchy carb. BUT you cannot have potato, chips, bread, rice, fruit, ice cream, lollies, chocolate, dried fruit or any kind of sugar. You are ready for a famine..your body can cope. Make it live on what you have stored by eating only the things recommended. Start by challenging yourself to stay on it for one week, then two..oh and drink plenty of water. You can try :)

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Hi, how about walking inside? I do a fitness walking workout that's been working quite well for me. There are workouts on You Tube you can do right in your home. I do walks by Leslie Sansone, but there are others as well. I'm 51, so if I can do it you certainly can at 40. And if you'd like some extra support I have a thread here titled, The "Working On A Healthier Me" Check in and its a small group of us that support each other and keep one another motivated. We'd love to support you!

@jimisgirl how do you sign up?

Thank you i will God bless

@Jennifermcarr I use to care if ppl would look but now I don’t give a rat’s a$$ if they do . LOL!!! :slight_smile: Oh…that’s small stuff for me (worrying if someone is looking ). I’m so passed that stage because the most important thing is ME.

I wish I was near you to give you some motivation and moral support. Have you ever tried an online weight lose program?

I know how you feel. I don't like going to the gym or out jogging, etc because I hate being stared at/running into people I know and having forced awkward conversations. Lol. So I started working out inside. Exercising makes you feel better mentally, even if it has nothing to do with weight loss. I know I always feel much less anxiety after a workout.

I know i need to exercise but my depression holds me back. My therapists is always telling me to take walks but i cant bring myself to do it so i sleep instead

Don't think. Put on your favorite song and just do it! Trust me, it's a happy place when you're out there.

How can a person exercise this time of year when it is so crappy ouside. Remember i am so out of shape i have to start slow

have you tried a work out video? Jillian Roberts? I've used her videos from YouTube and they're great, go at your own pace, you don't need a lot of space, and you really work up a sweat!

I struggle with the motivation myself, the thing is for me its easier to be out walking because at least you are doing something healthy. So who cares that they look. I don't like going to the store, because of the judgement I get there. I have faith that once you start you will feel better. Just take it one step at a time don't think about how others are doing, just think about the next step and don't push yourself too hard, being in pain will make you feel like you should quit. Just remember one more step gets you closer to your goals.

@Frustrated-Daughter i know i should get out out and exercise but i have been judged so much in the past that i have just shut down and let my depression take over. Now im so big i get exhausted easily

Thanks i might try that is it easy?


I feel you I am 308 lbs right now, I have been taking it super slow. I do small walks right now like 500 steps small. which is to the mailbox and back. I have really bad depression and anxiety that for the last year, I lost all of my friends because they got fed up with my issues. I understand that I could never know exactly where you are coming from, though I am here to help if I can.

@Frustrated-Daughter would you like to support each other?

I wish i felt that way about myself. I was so bullied in the past that i cannot let it go. I feel like everyone is judging me. Im in intense therapy its helping but i have a long way to go. I stay in bed alot its my safe place no one judges me there. Im hoping this suppory group will help me get stronger. God knows i need all the support i can get

@Jennifermcarr If it’s any consolation, watch the program, ‘My 600 lb life’. That would motivate you to go out and exercise. I watched that a few weeks ago and I told myself that I never want to be so big that I’m confined to my house or bed. The program made me ‘press pause’ on my own life and re-evaluate what I eat I how active I am. My doctor says he would be happy if I lose 60 lbs. So, I’ve stopped taking my mobility for granted. I walked about 1 1/2 miles this morning and did some upper body exercises this morning and a few minutes ago.

Being immobile is a NO! NO! We need to get a grip quickly, especially if you’ve reached 40. We begin to lose muscle at the age of 25 , so imagine when we are 40. I want to keep my mobility as long as possible and I refuse to let food or laziness get in the way. This isn’t time to worry if someone is looking. It’s time to nip it in the bud and take control back of your body and don’t let it take control of you.

I sent you a request try sending me one back just in case it didnt go through thanks