Hello, I am a new member..in need of support, scared for pot

hello, I am a new member..in need of support, scared for potential meltdown.

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Hi a-cook18. Welcome to sg. I've been here about 2 weeks. It offers a lot of support.

What's going on? Why do you think you may be heading for a meltdown?

@L2015 I know I need more help than what I’m doing for myself now, so I don’t end up hurting myself

I can never seem to see the glass half full..because I've seen it be spilled too many times. in other words, I just can't stay positive. I want to escape my mind because it always goes to a negative place..everyday is a fight to be happy & sometimes I feel like giving in to triggers, & just giving into depression. I'm tired of being tired..just from fighting my darkness away

Hey bud. Whatever you feel like getting off your chest just post it. This site is full of awesome people who would be happy to help

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@JR11223 Thank you for the warm welcome, I really appreciate it. it is nice to know you aren’t alone

Plenty of support here.

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@Namaste250 thank you so much

a-cook, the procedure is for you to start spilling your guts! :-) Then you'll start feeling better. Then others tell you they've been there too and know how hard it is. Then they give you pointers of things that have helped them. Then when you're feeling up to it you support other people because that helps you feel better too.

So, glass seems half empty right now. And you're feeling depressed. And easily triggered and exhausted from trying to stay positive. Sounds really rough!!!

What in particular is going on in your life that's hard?

I'm 18 & I'm scared to grow up, as childish as it sounds..its just a really hard transition in life..I'm losing so many people & i know its normal but it doesn't make it hurt any less..relationships in general, romantic or not, really trigger me so i isolate myself, but i hate being alone as well..im in such a perplexing state of uncertainty right now . .

@a-cook18 that sounds very understandable to me, I wouldn’t call it childish at all.

Age 18 can be a very stressful age. I don't think it's childish either.

What's your situation? Did you just graduate high school? Are you at college? Do you live with your parents? Do you have a job? (etc.)

@L2015 I just got out of high school, I’m almost at the end of my first college semester, I do live with my parents, & I do have a job. Everything is going pretty well, it’s just the mindset I have that makes me feel like I’m taking all this for granted. I appreciate it but I feel like I can never be truly happy

Is this site not working again?! grrr

Oh, good, it’s working again. Hi a-cook.

Graduating high school is scary, because everything changes. College is scary because it’s a whole new different world.

How many classes are you taking? How much homework do you have to do? College can be very stressful.

How do you get along with your parents? Do you fight with them often?

How many hours a week do you work at your job? Is it a pleasant job, or is it stressful?

I have a full schedule, 6 I believe. I'm doing very well in them , but I need lots of studio time I had to cut my hours back to 12 instead of twenty & I still need more time & now I'm not making enough money. My parents & I have a great relationship, we rarely argue but they fight with each other a lot about money..

Hi a-cook,

Darkness, depression, negative attitude, trouble with relationships, glass half empty, meltdown. High pressure at school. Had to cut back work. Financial problems for yourself and between parents. Ouch! I think you come by your pain honestly.

I just don't know how to make all that noise running through my head to stop. I really try to keep hope alive, there's a little spark that keeps me going..I just don't want it to wear out & it feels like it is

Sounds exhausting. Sometimes I have noise running through my head - mostly self-criticism. It's so tiring. It's like I'm my own worst enemy.

@L2015 I definitely can relate