Hello, I am a recovering doormat. However, I find it difficu

Hello, I am a recovering doormat. However, I find it difficult to let go of the bad past experiences. So, Im having trouble forgiving myself and the people who, I feel, wronged me.

Anyone had luck reforming from a doormat or peope pleaser?

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It takes time. Setting boundaries is key. Some people won't like the new you.

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Still working on setting boundaries and being more vocal I am learning that a lot do not like the new me, but I'm putting myself first and staying away from toxic people. I don't mind losing the people who don't like it. I wish I could forgive myself for allowing the bad stuff to happen.

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@Hopeful20199 hey I think you are already on the path as you have gotten rid of shitty people out of your life. ****Ing people some people are just arseholes there’s just no way we can make it work with them the Best thing is just completely avoid them. I think people will stop taking advantage when we stand up for ourselves.

I agree. I feel better about a lot of things as well. I hope to continue on this path.

Thank you all for the feedback.

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@Hopeful20199 what things are you doing for yourself lately? Today I went out and bought myself some notebooks from walmart it costs less but it made me feel good! :slight_smile: I also worked out today which was nice.

Do something nice for yourself. When you love yourself people can somehow sense it and will treat you better, trust me, I speak from experience. People gave me crap when I was giving myself crap for whatever reason!