Hello! I am in recovery for ED, and it's been tough. I am t

I am in recovery for ED, and it's been tough. I am trying to mellow out my binge-restrict cycle. I've stopped restricting by banning foods and eating next to nothing, but the cycle is still here.
I've noticed that nowadays, when I restrict, it is because I simply don't know what is a normal amount to eat in a day. I listen to hunger cues and I'm working on full cues, but I will forget to eat or not even realize that my meals are too light. Then, before I know it, at the end of the day I haven't eaten anywhere near enough and am setting myself up for a binge.

I want to count my calories to see how much I eat when I'm winging it, and also to see what 1800 calories looks like, and to make sure I'm eating enough! Something to remind me to eat those pesky/easy-to-forget midday meals. But I also know that these apps are huge triggers for me! All of them are designed to tell you how many calories you "have left," will judge you if you eat too many or too little, and will even congratulate you for a calorie deficit at the end of the week. I don't want all those bells and whistles. I know that I will fall right back if encouraged by this kind of stuff.

Are there any safe apps to help with this? I know about apps that track emotions, triggers and food, but that isn't what I'm looking for right now. I'm looking for tools to help and reassure me to eat enough daily.

Hi there Kangaroo Rat!
Hmmmm. I don’t think apps are working for you.,,

What if you make a list of healthy choices for breakfast lunch and dinner and then healthy snacks.... then make entries in your phone calendar for example

7 am. Breakfast. (Cereal with fruit OR bagel and cream cheese. OR two granola bars and o.j.)

10 am early snack (granola? Nuts? Crackers?)

12:30 lunch (write 3 choices)

6:00 dinner. (Write 3 choices)

I think if you habitually check your phone calendar and then either mark it DONE or delete it you will be on track to eat; giving yourself actual choices so you don’t get stuck; and no shame or blame or calorie counting

You know what’s healthy. If u eat 1600 calories or 1900 or 2200 calories....it is ok...

Love and accept yourself. Who u are the way u are. U are doing your best...

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I liked your advice to KangarooRat to invent her own app on her phone and to design 3 choices per meal. I hope I am not out of line here, but I notice the 3 breakfasts you designed do seem very high in carbs and very low in protein. When I eat a breakfast like that, then my blood sugar goes down, depression increases, and foggy thinking ensues. I'd suggest a meal with more protein (eggs? peanut butter? meat? fish? beans & rice?) to start off the day.

Yours are great breakfast choices

I am older and watch my intake like crazy-very low fat, low cholesterol AND I’m not much of a cook.

That’s where my choices come from.

I’d actually love a bacon egg and cheese biscuit!

I limit myself. Almost no eggs ever. No bacon. No biscuits or donuts or croissants Sigh