Hello, I am looking for some support. I believe my partner h

Hello, I am looking for some support. I believe my partner has relapsed!

I don't know what to do, and feel i have acted inappropriately.

Why ,, what happened?

He came out of treatment a month ago we have been going to aftercare and are finding it difficult. Yesterday I found foil with burnt heroine on it. he claims that it is an old one but i am finding it very hard to believe. We had a huge discussion about it, and when i woke the next morning i felt betrayed and lied to. we had an argument and i thumped him in the leg a few times then left. We spoke this evening again i could smell heroin on him, this turned into another argument we were shouting in each others faces and again I slapped him this time across the face. I have never hit him before. He has attacked me in the past and almost strangled me to the point where i thought i would die. I am scared. I feel that I am loosing the run of myself!!! I just want to know the truth from him.

Well, you didn't actually catch him in the act. Clean your house top to bottom so the next time you find it you'll know for sure it got there recently. I'm a five year addict. I have never smelled it on anyone like that. Maybe your just pretty sure he is using that you think you smelled it. Just give him the benefit of a drought. It's one thing I know about me is the more u accuse them the faster they will go do it. So just try to ease a little until you know for definitely sure.

Thank you for the advice. I have smelled it like that on him before, on his clothes and his moustache in the house. it is quite a distinctive smell. You are right, i didn't catch him in the act and I should give him the benefit of the doubt. The last thing I want to do is encourage a relapse.I feel terrible about how i have acted, i am usually calm and supportive I guess I have had a lot on my plate recently with my father dying and my twin leaving the country. These are trying times! Thanks again. I appreciate it.


Yes Ahmed!