Hello, I am new to the site too but feel that I need to talk

Hello, I am new to the site too but feel that I need to talk to other people who suffer from Sleep Apnea Disorder. I use a CPAP machine and have done for two years now but I am worried that I am still having problems. I can a good nights sleep only waking once for the toilet but when I wake up on a morning I feel wide awake for half an hour then I start to instantly drop asleep if I sit down. I even do it when people are talking to me and it is very embarrassing now. My head feels funny just before I 'drop off' and I try to fight it but it eventually gets the better of me and I do drop off for a few seconds to a few minutes. Does anyone else experience this and is it normal??

Hi! I, too, have sleep apnea and have had it for about 27 yrs. I have had the throat surgery to correct it way back when it was in the experimental stages.I have used a cpap machine for over 22 yrs. I still have daytime sleepiness, I don't know why. You might want to check with the doctor that sent you for the sleep study initially. Maybe your setting isn't high enough on your machine. Have you gained or lost any weight recently? You may need your settings adjusted.


I think I can tell you why you still have sleep apnea, even though you wear CPAP. The problem is that you have had UPPP (UP3). When the Uvula and soft palate are removed, CPAP can no longer work. The uvula and soft palate are needed to form a seal against the tongue, in the back of the throat. This seal means the air from the CPAP will go down your windpipe and into the lungs. Without this seal the air takes the path of least resistance and goes back out through your mouth. This makes the CPAP totally ineffective. UPPP surgery is horrible to go through, destroys CPAP effectiveness and and should never be done.

Your only alternative now is to see a dentist who makes Oral Appliances for Sleep Apnea. When done properly, they are usually more effective than CPAP and are far more comfortable.

I've been using a CPAP myself for years. Passed out cold one day and was rushed to a hospital. They checked everything. My loud SNORING gave me away. Was told that lack of sleep's the second of human needs.


Is there a question you have about sleep apnea?

Dr. Ronald L. Rosenthal

Sure do. What causes it and keeps it happening? Am not overweight, don't smoke, etc. I still have sleep apnea anyway.


Sleep apnea is caused by a tongue which is larger than the space available for it in the mouth. At night, most people close their teeth together. That reduces the space in the mouth to its minimum. The tongue, not having enough room, is forced backward against the back of the throat, and you can’t breathe. That’s how Sleep happens.