Hello. I am Virginia and I have just joined this group. Righ

Hello. I am Virginia and I have just joined this group. Right now Im dealing with the pain and anguish of my only living childs addiction to drugs. Hes 37 and has special needs the court calls it. ( Paranoid Schizophrenia). Hes been in multple psychiatric hospitals over the years. He became addicted to drugs trying to self medicate away the psychiatric symptoms. The addiction has intensified and spiraled out of control. Hes spent the past 15 months in a county jail awaiting trial/ sentencing for his charges. He was released home for 1 week and must turn himself in Monday after Thanksgiving to the counry jail to await transport to a Texas Dept of Corrections Substance Abuse Program where he must stay 9 months. He had no sooner than been home 1 day , then the lying , sneaking and drug use began. He went right back to looking up his old contacts ( I wouldn't dub these folks friends ). Im just so disapppinted and hurt but i should have known. Hes doing just what addicts do right ? I told myself I wouldnt have expectations but yet Im still having trouble with that. Im trying to take care of myself and focus on me and my life but thays really hard too. My family has always been my life for as long as i can remember. Im getting older now , have lost 1 child to a car wreck.im a widow and my son and myself are all thats left of "our family ". I am thankful I still have my work and my wonderful dogs and cats. I know God has carried me this far and will not leave me. But my heart aches. Any support and friendships I can make at this point would be very much welcomed and appreciated. Thank you.and Happy Thanksgiving to all

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welcome! that is a hard situation, to be sure. hopefully he will get himself clean. until then, unfortunately, there isn't much you can do. he is making his own choices, and not good ones

@norseduncan yes thats true. You can only make the suggestion.