Hello, I don't have MS I have taken care of a few people withello, I don't have MS I have taken care of a few people

hello, I don't have MS I have taken care of a few people with the illness

Hello there and welcome!

WELCOME to Support Groups! I wanted to introduce myself, I am Marlene, the Moderator of this Group. I would like to mention on the bottom of this page, there is a FAQ, that may be of some help. Also, at the top of this page there is a link, 'Groups' (highlighted in green) that lists all of the Groups that are available through SG. If you have any questions, just let me know. Once again, WELCOME to SG!

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Thank you!! I dated this guy a few months ago he has MS for the first time I was with him he had an episode involuntary arm and shoulder movements he thought I would have left his house. I told him that I was not going anywhere was there something I could do to help.

Maybe about a week a two I wanted to do an activity with him I think a walk in the park he said no he cant walk far but he has a power chair he could have used.

I asked him about let's play a board game or something he said he has no interest in board games. He was mainly a talker so I was there to listen. I didn't disrespect him anyway.
A couple of weeks later he said I don't want to see you again
that hurt my feelings. I don't know what happen or what went wrong.

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@lee480 , you’re rare…he probably wishes it could continue, but having to face his inabilities is hard. Take the pressure off him…no expectations. Let him know you’d like to support him but know, there’s more to his ‘episodes’ than meets the eyes. We feel ‘less than’, and we’re fooling ourself if we think someone would be interested in the long- haul. If you’re sincere, call and talk. Good luck

I tried to contact him he blocked my calls and I have not heard from him
I don't know why my mind is on him most of the time. I guess because I am a nurse aide and I care

I do know that he is in one of these support groups for MS not sure which one
I will just use his first two letters in his name rc if you are in this support group I would just like you to know you are thought about and I support you to the fullest.

he told me that his wife now ex-wife divorced him because of MS and because he can no longer work I told him that was mean of her. He said yes it was