Hello. I had below the knee amputation in may of this year d

Hello. I had below the knee amputation in may of this year due to a really bad clubbed foot and sores on the bottom of my foot from an AFO brace that got so bad I couldn’t even put my foot on the ground so I got it done sooner than I could if I didn’t have the sores. I was grateful for that but there are days I think “why did I get an amputation?” That’s where I have to look back and see that reason as well as not being able to walk very well in the AFO brace as well as it being too big for my tiny shoes and to add on the fact that I would have to pay 100s of dollars on a lift for a shoe due to that foot being shorter than the other. I lived with my sister and since I didn’t know anyone that shared amputation as my common ground I couldn’t really go to anyone except my prosthetist or a mentor and my sister never understood anything about phantom pains/sensations and thought it would go away if I didn’t dwell on it that it was a mental thing and was all in my head. Of course I listened and tried music or anything to try and ignore it but it’s always there. I don’t know if it’s true but is it always going to be there or was my sister right? I have been walking with a prosthetic for 3 months and people are amazed at how well I’m doing and healing. I’m also wondering when the limb stops shrinking/getting smaller.... I was told a year? I have so many questions and so many new techniques and stuff I want to learn because this is new to me. Is there anyone in this group from California?

I have seen a lot of tips and accounts regarding amputation on Instagram, that would be a really good place to check out. Hugs!

HI Ladygirl89 I'm in CA. Not sure if you have chronic pain, PLP, etc. Are you able to wear your prosthetic as long as you'd like? Was this due to trauma? There is an amazing procedure being done at several of the major medical universities in CA. Yes - another surgery But it eliminates the neuromas, and this new procedure assures they will not come back! It's called Targeted Muscle Reinnervation (TMR). Since your amputation is relatively recent, it will likely deal with your PLP as well. Happy to help! Feel free to reply with questions.

I've been an amputee for over thirty years. I also used to work as an orthotic / prosthetic technician years ago. I have suffered with phantom limb pain for many years. It seems to me that people who experienced painful conditions prior to their amputations are more prone to phantom limb pain than those who lose their limbs in accidents.My doctor finally found something that works for me, which is 150 mg of Lyrica twice a day with 75 mg of amitriptyline at bedtime.