Hello! I have a must share today. I started going through me

Hello! I have a must share today. I started going through menopause about 3 months ago, and felt great. No symptoms. Well about 6 months ago, I started eating completely different for overall health. . Part of that was going low fat which I was getting better at with every month.
About a week ago , I start eating really high fat every day because I’ve been busy and have not been preparing my normal foods.
Last night and the night before that I was really hot while I was sleeping. It took me a minute to realize that I was actually having night sweats and hot flashes. :-/
So now I realize that not only was the low fat eating helping my weight loss goals, it was also keeping the hot flashes and night sweats away.
For all the ladies that are in that area, this is a good tip to keep that stuff away.
We would never think that fat has anything to do with it but I’m living proof. It’s happening now.
I’m cutting out the fat and will go back to my normal way and see what happens and will report back.
Cheerio! ;-)

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Wow yes for me personally I’ve noticed when I eat better my menstrual cramps are less severe. Glad your realizing what will help the symptoms n how important it is to eat healthy! It’s so easy to forget how important healthy diet can be. Thanks for the tip!

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@Foundlove hi! Yes! That too!
It is not easy for me to eat 100% fat free but I am noticing this difference.
Last night was better.
This steamer I bought on Amazon makes it easy to steam a lot of potato for later. :wink:

Hello! I got lazy with the juicing to be honest lol. Cravings suck! I hate those n managing those. I’ve been trying to just focus on moderation and low carb. I’ve been eating nuts also lately. I thought little fat helps burn fat? I always thought nuts are pretty healthy. Today I think I’ll do fruit for lunch but dinner is mystery. I think I will probably do salad!! I made some pumpkin dip last Monday, which Is probably not good. I believe my pumpkin dip is low fat. I try to have that with apples. It’s made from pumpkin filling, and cool whip, instant jello mix. On the plus side I’m eating more apples which are healthy! Still doing my lemon mint infused water and trying keep hydrated! We’re you able to curb the cravings?

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@Foundlove wow that sounds really good. I actually did eat pizza last night. I just needed more calories, and wanted to sedate myself so I could sleep. But that’s it. One time in 2 1/2 months. And before that it was 4 1/2 months. So I will be able to go a long time again.

Pumpkin dip is:

1.One 15 oz can solid pumpkin
2.One 5 oz instant vanilla pudding mix
3.One 16 oz container frozen whipped topping (cool whip)
4.One tsp pumpkin pie spice

Mix all together and refrigerate for 4 hrs then enjoy with apples, gingerbread cookies, anything you wish to dip!

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@Foundlove I’m going to make that this weekend I have everything on hand. Thanks for sharing something simple just mix it up lol my kind of recipe. I made pancakes with autumn colored candy sprinkles in them last night and sausage and eggs. Of course I made a double batch of pancakes so I could freeze some but really I think so I could eat more ugh. They were delicious though. I’ve been buying Honeycrisp apples they are sooo good you better try some. :slight_smile: