Hello I have ED I have had it for the past 9 years I am only

hello I have ED I have had it for the past 9 years I am only 34! My wife had cheated on me with multiple people including some of my family. After that is when I started to notice little changes of going soft when we were making love. I have never had another woman other that my wife. we are trying to put our marriage back together but I still find it very hard. mr dr gave me viagra 100 mg max does and it helped for a few years but it has quit working! I feel like this is all my fault mabe if I was a better lover maybe something I to cause her to go astray! I don't know my wife has a very strong sex drive and I feel like me not getting hard anymore is going to cause her to go astray again! feeling like I want to die! the heart break from when she first cheated 13 years ago is still around and if she does do it again I don't think I could live with myself. seeking HELP PLEASE!!!!!

You definitely need to see a psychiatrist and a marriage counselor. You haven't processed what has happened to you, you have trust issues and fear issues all over the place that need to be addressed.

I have been talking with the head Dr she just gave me zoloft for the depression. Counselor seem to not say much I do all the talking with no reply!

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