Hello I just joined this group, just for a clarification

I just joined this group, just for a clarification.
Had been suffering from constipation and that has lead to piles. And has worsened to a level that, its difficult to walk or even sit. I am hesitated to consult doctor. Please advice to help my self on this.

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You need to get fiber into your diet. Metamucil is great and you drink it every single night if you are really bad off you can drink it three times a day but you have to drink tons of water too. Try some prunes or prune juice anything you can eat or drink that has a ton of fiber in it. If this doesn't help I would call your Gastro dr. so many new medications out for constipation right now.

@Jennipain Hi
I am writing after few days. I am recovering. I didnt go for the fibre supplementary. But as your advice, I only consumed fibrous food… wheat and oats for the meal. And its much better now.

Ok. Thank you. Its very painful, I only hope this cures in a very fast phase

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