Hello, I lost my leg (below L knee) 5yrs ago due to soft tis

Hello, I lost my leg (below L knee) 5yrs ago due to soft tissue sarcoma. It saved my life, for which I am deeply grateful. However to say that I am happy and comfortable in my body today would be a bold lie. I avoid romancing my sorrow...but I was once a very active person, I have been putting on weight ever since the surgery and partially that's due to a car accident three months prior to the amputation in which I shattered my patella and had to have it wired back together. My amputated leg is by far the stronger of the two. With the added weight comes health issues, more strain on my knees, and pain when attempting to get my self moving about...and I'm not talking the usual everyday type pain I've just learned to block out, this is the kind that stops all progress.
Is there anyone that has faced similar issues and overcome them ? If so how?

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group, do you have any advice for our new member?