Hello I’m on all sorts of groups on here for so many issue

Hello I’m on all sorts of groups on here for so many issues thank I have all theses groups however but it seems like shopping has become one of my problems, because I guess I feel like I need to have satisfaction because I don’t get any from family anyway I need to stop shopping! I need to stop shopping! I am poor I do not make a lot of money I do not have a savings I need not to shop!Any recommendations I can’t rIp up my debit card .but what can I do I have made purchases . I have make pictures of goals I need to achieve so this way I will look at that before I look to shop and that’s not working and nothing is working any recommendation Half the stuff I’m getting I don’t even need I have to stop there’s no reason for this.

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I'm sorry that you're going through such a stressful time with shopping addiction. Have you tried Debtors Anonymous support groups online or in person? Sliding scale therapy in your city or town to address the deeper issues or emotions that cause shopping addiction? There's a great self-help book written by a shopping addiction therapist called "To Buy or Not to Buy", I greatly recommend reading that. Lastly, buying a notebook or expense tracker journal will allow you to keep track of your purchases and having to write down what/when I purchase things and their total cost makes me step back and view my spending each week. It's important to be kind and gentle towards yourself as you confront and deal with this shopping addiction- you took a very brave first step in admitting that you have a problem and I believe that you can make it through this.

@Pauline1234 Maybe have someone hid your credit cards so you cannot find them, just a thought.