Hello. I need some help. My name is Emily and I am 25 years

Hello. I need some help. My name is Emily and I am 25 years old. In the last 5 years I have developed food allergies to things I used to eat my whole life with life threatening reactions. I've been in the ER 6 times in the last year and am just feeling very scared and very isolated. I am the only one in my family with food allergies. It's just hard not to feel so discouraged.

it is. I only have one, but this happened to me too.

I have been in the same boat over the past 20 plus years. It is so scary when it happens. First the throat itch, then the severe stomach ache. Sometimes the Delayed reaction is worse. Always have an epipen. Know that it takes days for your body to recover. It’s so traumatic to have an anaphylactic reaction, to come so close to possible death. No one understands the mental trauma it leaves after. I started having reactions when I was 15, to foods I used to eat as well. None of the doctors could ever tell me why all of a sudden. Get an allergy test. Read all labels and no matter how annoying, always ask the waiter what is in the food you ordered. Don’t try anything new and always be on the look out for special sauces.

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