Hello, I was just recently diagnosed days ago with HSV (1-2)

Hello, I was just recently diagnosed days ago with HSV (1-2)

I just took my first STD test (I'm 31 btw), so I don't know if I've had it a while or just recently contracted it. I'm assuming just recently as I've just got out of a 10 year (faithful) relationship with no prior signs or symptoms. The person I'm currently intimate with knows & is getting tested & being very supportive, but I'm very worried about telling my former lady, or if I even need to (although I do plan on telling her).

I'm mostly trying to just process everything & feeling like my life is over. It's hard shaking the feeling that no one would want me or to be with me now, or that I'm most likely never going to have kids now. I know neither of those are necessarily true, but it's still a tough thing to tell myself.

I've been trying to find support or chat groups most of the day, when I'm not just laying in my bed feeling uncertain & found this place. Thank you for reading & just letting me post.

hello and welcome to SG!
your logic stand to reason and you're probably correct.  if you truly want to know, an IgM test would show if it was recently aquired, but there really isn't any reason to know.  we'll get into that later... Kudos to your current partner for being supportive and also getting tested. it's very likely they had it and just didn't know!

as far as telling your former partner, if you were not intimate with them after meeting your current date, then there may be no need to "Stir A Hornet's Nest".  

as for feeling your life is over, keep reading below. 

MOST people here feel that EXACT same way, although @NotaDeathSentence has just posted a success story.  one of many, but she chose to return here and post; vs those who bust out, never to look back in fear of remembering those dark memories...

by stating the comment of your future and nobody wanting you leaves one to ponder what you're doing with your current partner?  just a toy on the rebound?  by being as supportive as they are, shows high integrity and worthiness! 

there are a multitude of HSV places on FB, etc to chat, vent, and learn about HSV.  you can create an anonymous I.D. and join if you'd like.

i endorse this one:  ProjectAccept.org

finally: always know that "Knowledge Is Power, and Power is Confidence"!!!  at the top we have a link pinned to a "FREE HSV HANDBOOK" which contains everything you could want to know about HSV.

if you don't see it, here's the link again:  FREE HSV HANDBOOK


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Thank you for taking the time to welcome me & reply.

My main issue I guess is just…feeling like I can continue living my life like normal. I know it’s possible, at this point…I feel like everything is over. Yes, my current partner is very supportive & understanding, she thinks she may of had it, & I worry about a traumatic experience that took place being the cause of it.

The only reason I mentioned things about other people/my future is more so my overthinking. I did see the other post about the lady who found love & very supportive partner. I just worry about if I were to find the same in that instance . Like…who want me now? Let alone start a family.

I guess I more so worry about the stigma if I need to tell people in the future or even more so, telling my former partner, who we very much have remained friends & in each other’s life, but that’s gonna be hard to talk about & I definitely feel some “I told you so’s” coming with that.

My current partner keeps assuring me that things will be okay & that we’ll be okay, but I more so am having trouble dealing with the things in my head. Like, being alone or trying to do things I enjoy, but I keep coming back to feeling like I can’t anymore & everything’s done.

Plus, when I’m around my brother or parents, I just feel gross & ashamed, & scared. I guess I just have to keep hope that these feelings will pass & things will get easier to live with.