Hello, I would like advice on what to do, so I've been in a

Hello, I would like advice on what to do, so I've been in a relationship for 3 years.i really love her a lot and it took me a lot of effort to win her. I fell for her almost 9 years back. We were good friends still it took me a lot of effort. It has been 3 years since she started to reciprocate the feelings. Our relationship was going well during the lockdown times since it was just us and there was no one else. Almost an year ago, I moved to a different city and it has been really hard since then. I struggled with finding friends. I was feeling lonely almost everytime. My girlfriend was the only place I used to feel safe when opening myself up. But ever since her classes started again, a crack started developing between us. She was never ready to adjust a thing. She always wanted things to work the way she wanted to. So I adjusted almost everywhere. But she hardly respected any of my interests and I never felt valued by her. I caught her lying to me on many occasions. She had some male friends that I wasn't comfortable with because of their feelings for her. I asked her if she could do something about it. She said she will and she hid everything about them from me..I thought she distanced herself from them but actually she just hid everything from me. But she has been lying a lot to me. A lot in the sense, almost everyday. And dishonesty is something I cannot tolerate at all. I approached her and she said she'll fix it. She promised me she will. I was going through a really rough time in my personal life too. I asked her to stay beside me for a while. I cried to her and begged her for her support. She tried to console me and she said she'll be with me but just 2 days later, she did something that killed the living **** out of me. I just don't feel comfortable sharing what she did. But it really hurt me a lot. And she started lying to me again. Since then, I have a feeling that I should end this relationship for good. But if I lose her, I'm losing the only person in the world that I talk to being myself. The only close friend I have. Importantly, I'm cutting out a part of my life that has been with me for almost 10 years. Ending things with her seems really hard for me considering all these. But staying with her hurts me a lot. I have no idea what I should do. Go the hard way and be okay in a while or hurt myself staying with her. Either way it's gonna hurt. Please do help. Thank you so much.

It sounds like you have come to a crossroads, you are comfortable with her, but she has hurt you and it seems neither of you love one another or there wouldn't be all this mistrust and lying. Sometime relationships are forever and sometimes they are for a time. We are sorry your time seems to have come to a close.

That all sounds really hurtful. I understand your position it sure isn't easy even thinking about what to do but you don't have to make a decision this min either. Start doing a little planning such as coming up with ideas how to start getting yourself out around others more so you can open yourself up for finding new friends. It feels scary but you can do it. You can talk about ideas here sometime if that would help. By making a decision with this it will give you a good boost in self confidence.