Hello, I'm new here and quite nervous. I got my HSV2 diagnos

Hello, I'm new here and quite nervous. I got my HSV2 diagnosis a week ago tomorrow and I'll be honest. I am struggling to get my head around it. I've always been safe. Always tested regularly yet I find myself here. I've had my first outbreak and it was AGONY. Still is in certain places. I've been taking Aciclovir and believe it helped the process of this initial outbreak. I feel very embarrassed and ashamed about this diagnosis. I'm worried people will think I'm dirty when I'm not. Will I ever be loved? Will my life ever be normal again?

welcome aboard! while scrolling through the comments you'll note the same ol' comments which apply to YOU as well!

1) nobody needs to be told until you choose to be intimate. Never mind what people think or say. if anything negative, it shows how ignorant they are and totally clueless about HSV. did you know there are EIGHT types of herpes? One includes Herpes Zoster which causes Chicken Pox! so chances are people you know HAVE HERPES of one sort or another!
2) will you every be loved? OF COURSE!
HSV is the perfect Acid Test to see if your potential mate is truly worthy of YOU! if they truly and deeply love you, they will LOVE ALL OF YOU no matter what! now is the best time to find out! ...and herpes will test just that fact!

you'll go through phases, but eventually you'll be a stronger and more knowledgeable person!

please download and read the link we have pinned at the top! remember, Knowledge is POWER and Power = Confidence!!

in case you don't see it, here's that link again:

@Smithy2592 Welcome to the group. I also have HSV2 as does a_survivor and yes you can find love etc. The first outbreak is usually the worst. With time and experience most of us learn a new normal that is a lot like the old normal. For me a much healthier and lower stress levels normal. Please read through the posts as I made a post last year that should be a couple posts below this one because it is still relevant as it answers your question. The right person will want you for who you are and not let a treatable skin condition get in the way. Beauty and worth are much more than skin deep. Deep is also the kind of breath you should probably take. Everyone is different but stress is my biggest trigger when I had my first outbreak I stressed out and caused a feed back loop of outbreaks with the stress causing an outbreak and the outbreak causing stress. I now practice stress management and stay healthy both physically and mentally which greatly reduces outbreaks and their severity. When I do have outbreaks I usually have my meds on hand so I can stop an outbreak before it becomes more than a minor annoyance. With time and experience you can find a new normal that will be a lot like your old normal. Good luck.

Oral can be type1 OR type2 although oral type2 seems rather rare.

Type1 genital is more and more common due to mouth to genital transmission. i’ll assume you have Genital Herpes.

Bottom line, the protocol is all the same. Herpes is Herpes…