Hello. I'm new here. I started experiencing tinnitus several

Hello. I'm new here. I started experiencing tinnitus several years ago, but did not really think too much about it as it was not too severe. Last year the ringing, pinging, whooshing, beeping etc. worsened. During the day when I am busy, I can manage it, but at night I really have to be exhausted to sleep without the aid of ambien. Sometimes the constant sounds just wear me out. And to make matters worse, the doctor confirmed that I have a hearing loss also.

is there any option there? I recently went to the audiologist, and am going to try hearing aids. its possible, they say, they can program them and i will either not hear the tinnitus as bad or not hear it at all. also possible it will have no effect, but will at least assist my hearing loss

Yes, hearing aid(s) will be the next step. They are very sensitive devices, aren't they? Will this be your first try? How bad is your hearing loss?

this will be my first try. apparently with lower register sounds about 35% down to 65% with higher register sounds

I have a high frequency loss. I cannot hear women and children very well. I just wonder how on earth this happened and why. Yesterday, I actually had someone sigh at me when I asked for repetition.

@pikara if you are interested in why you might try asking an audiologist. it really gets irritating when people do that. like, we’re hearing impaired just to be a jerk to you…

Thanks. The person who administers the hearing tests won't really answer my questions. He or she simply passes the results to the doctor and then he does all the talking. I haven't gone for the hearing aids yet. I keep putting it off; I think I am still in a state of disbelief.

@pikara hmm. in my case the audiologist did the test and answered all my questions. im very sorry