Hello I'm new to this group, I was diagnosed 1yr ago with he

Hello I'm new to this group, I was diagnosed 1yr ago with hepc and fibrosis possibly chirossis f3 I got the harvoni treatment and it was a big success, I sustained from all alcohol for about 8 months I'm not a daily drinker only on the weekends and I'm now only drinking non alcohol beer when I'm out socializing I have slacked off the strict eating well habits and have been eating out more and more and I will occasionally have a glass of wine with dinner only occasionally I do live in Colorado so I have found that medical marijana has helped me overcome the desire to have a cocktail or two I have not had a biopsy done on my liver nor have I been to a liver specialist, only my hepatoligist who is watching me every 6 months doing liver scans and blood work, the last scan in June showed pregnant spleen and borderline hepatosplenomegaly I do have a hard lump on my right side just under ribs and sometimes I get really bloated so my question is should I get referred to a liver specialist to determine if my cirrhosis has progressed due to smoking marijana. Thanks for any advice. BTW I only smoke on the weekends we are very sociable people and every weekend we have many friends in our group that just hang out and make music. Am I slowly killing myself and what should I be on the look out for

Hi...sorry you're going through this. I don't have cirrhosis, but my husband does - diagnosed a year ago. What's your MELD score? Your Child-Pugh score? If they're low, you probably don't need a liver specialist yet.

What are your symptoms?

@AutumnBorn thank you for responding back to me, my meld score is a 9 the only symptoms I’m having at this time is the hard lump just under right rib and occasionally bad what feels like heartburn or trapped gas from one armpit to the next and occasionally pain that radiates under right rib