Hello im new to this site and I just need some advice ive be

Hello im new to this site and I just need some advice ive been married for 4 years now and me and my husband have been going through so much. there are times that I just wanna give up and for us to go separate ways but dont think that is the best solution specially because we have 3 kids and almost adopting. I feel at times that he doesnt pay attention to me and that when he does is very short time, or he just gets on his phone. I feel like his phone takes alot of his time, yes I know I have to look for him too but like I said when I do I get very little attention, or when we have conversations it ends up in an argument. I feel like sometimes I just need to find someone to talk to just to get that attention. any advice will help.

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Dear I know what you mean

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@Timmyp it sucks at times like all I want to do is be happy and have a good relationship with my husband but it gets so hard.

@Better1111 yes I agree but is hard when your partner doesn't listen to you. so how dow can you get your partner to listen to you?

@Blessed_Mama you cannot force anyone to listen especially if they are in denial. Try therapy for you to become clear on what you want and can realistically accomplish. You can also try couples therapy but if your husband is totally resistant, therapy may not be helpful to him.

We cannot change other people but we can work on ourselves with therapy and support groups like this. Some people find couples counseling helpful. You may want to focus your attention on your own happiness and improving your marriage before adopting if that is an option. Best wishes.

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@andine I feel like I really need to work on my self and you know honestly I have a really hard time finding my happiness. I feel like me and my husband are growing apart yes we have our good moments but I feel like things have changed alot, and if I try to tell him all he tells me is that we are fine when we clearly are not. There is also a huge thing I bothers me and is his Baby moms ive never been in a situation like this so it makes it so hard for me as well. :frowning: