Hello. I'm new to this site. I'm sorry to see so many people

Hello. I'm new to this site. I'm sorry to see so many people suffering from the same things as me, COPD, anxiety, good days and bad. Today was a frustrating one. If anyone has a few tricks up their sleeve for coping I would be grateful to hear them.

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Welcome..how are you doing..

Ok. I've never experienced anything like this. It's proving to be harder than I thought. How are you?

I am good for today..Yes it can get hard .. I learn as I go.. How far are you with this condition.. I'm bad I am in 3 stage ..now ..

They haven't told me stages. I'm not on oxygen yet. Just had a spirometry test done last week. Will find out results Thursday. It's advancing quickly. Partly because I also have fungal pneumonia. Mostly because I have not been able to quit smoking yet. I'm sorry to hear you are bad. How long since you were diagnosed?

Few years. 06..on 02 in 2111.. Sorry for the pneumonia..all the best to you..wow..

Goodness...you've been dealing with this for a long time. I've only known since February. Although I noticed less lung capacity last year. Do you mind if I ask what you do to help keep the frustration under control?

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If I'm going to move forward I learn New skills like fitniss vitamins tai chi..yoga. Lot of other. Things.. Mostly to believe In myself..

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How are you today..?

I’m doing better today. How are you

Better than yesterday. How are you?

Try to keep standing. It's a good day to be lazy.. I like to move and stretch..While I still can ..lately I have been learning more on cardio.. How s your day going..

it’s going pretty well. I visited with my sister. Trying to find the balance of enough movement without overdoing it. (I tend to overdo it when the weather is nice)

How your 02 level.. When. You over do it..? What your plan for dealing with the drop..?

I don't know my 02 level...my temperature drops to 93. BP 84/47. Just try to warm up as quickly as possible. This just started this week. Next doctor appt. Thursday.

Foces on breathing.. Pace to get Hart rate down .02 up

I will. You have been very helpful. Thank you

The coffee table is a great scorce for support and information click on and introduce yourself.. And if you need ..? Just ask..

go to our coffee table group..look up Dr Noah Greenspan on Utube as a start and see about Pulmonary Rehab prayers sharon

Thank you, I will.