Hello, I've had trichotillomania for about 3 years, it has n

hello, I've had trichotillomania for about 3 years, it has never really shown until a few months ago, no bald spots yet but my hair is a lot shorter towards the back of my head. I've tried so hard to stop for the longest time but nothing seems to work, I've researched many different things on how to stop, hoping anyone had some advice for me. I pull on my head no where else. its easier to cover when i wear my hair pulled back.

Hello :)
At first I wanted to ask if anyone from your close people (family, friends) know that you're suffering trichtillomania?
I know from my experience, when I tried to hide my spots for 7 years, without telling anyone. It was really crushing me from the inside. I also was struggling and couldn't find any solution, until I decided to talk to my family. They showed a lot of support and decided to help me go through this time, finding me a good therapist and working on my problem together. I'm still recovering, but this way is a lot more bearable :)

@agatorek my dad and mom know, my mom is helpful when she can be, my parents dont really know how to react to all this. i see a therapist but nothing she says seems to help, everyday its a battle sometimes i push sometimes i dont.

@birdy5 what things have you tried doing to help stop ?

@cupcake12 wearing a rubber band on my wrist, wearing bells on my wrist so i am aware and I’ve tried talking a supplement that is suppose to help.

@birdy5 do you play with anything to keep your hands busy?

@cupcake12 sometimes yes

have you tried longer acrylic nails or rings?
the nails make it hard to grip your hair and rings are a pain if they get tangled in the hair, which might deter you

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@Macarule i’ve never thought of acrylic nails thats a good idea!

I can't stop. I dont know why. I self diagnosed me likee 5 minutes ago. It makes sense and it makes me feel better knowing what's wrong with me. My whole family is worried and thinks im depressed. There is nothing wrong actually. I just pull and pull.

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@missyiscool77 well trich is considered an anxiety disorder, have you been feeling anxious about anything?