Hello. My 7 year old daughter will start her first dose of a

Hello. My 7 year old daughter will start her first dose of addreall tomorrow. I'm not sure how I feel. I know she has a problem staying focused, sitting still and she is behind in school. I guess I'm feeling like I'm giving into the easy fix. I don't know. Any advice out there?

personally, I think medications like this for such small children are a bad idea. but that's me

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@norseduncan thank you.

The decision to medicate or not medicate your child is a tough one. You are doing what you feel is best for your child. Have you considered talking to the school about options to help her stay focused? Have you thought about having her tested to see if she has some learning challenges? Sometimes when kids have challenges in school with learning they are unable to stay focused. Maybe talk to her teacher to see if there are other options available for your daughter. Sometimes it may require more than medication to see what's really going on. Wishing you and your daughter the best.

@foreverbeach11 I have been working with her teachers and the school psychologist since she started kindergarten. She is in second grade and is really behind. She also suffers from dyslexia. When she was 3 her pediatrician suggested medication because she was a little “hyper” but I refused and changed doctor’s. Now, four years later she struggles everyday with staying focused and with school work. She’s really smart and so sweet but she just can’t concentrate. My older brother grew up suffering with learning disabilities with no help and he went down a bad road. He said he struggled so bad with his brain that he just wanted to go away forever. Thank you for reaching out.