Hello..my dad has got non hodgkin lymphoma since 3 to 4 mont

Hello..my dad has got non hodgkin lymphoma since 3 to 4 month...he had loose so much weight and he cant walk properly since his legs are weak..he had done chemo 3 times..he didnot get affected by the chemo but he is very weak..actually his palm of his hands and feet are in pain and numb..now his skin is becoming very sensible and got some red and black spots on his body..he cant sleep on his back due to the affected skin..can you please suggest me some advice and solutions..thanking you a lot

Welcome krish...The painful numbness is very likely neuropathy which can come from all of the chemo. The red and black spots on his body very well could be poor circulation from not moving around in bed enough. He needs to see his Oncologist or regular MD. The black spots need to be looked at soon. Skin turns black when it is dying or dead. That is not good so you need to deal with this now and try to turn him so he is not laying on the discolored spots. Is anyone coming to the home like a nurse to see him?? What do they plan to do about his cancer now? Keep us posted and Welcome!

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Thank you very very much for your comments..So you are telling me that he should like to be doing some movements, maybe some exercise to keep his skin ok? No actually we go to hospital for his chemo only..There is not nurse, there is my mum who takes care and me. He has recently done his 3rd chemo and he will be doing his 4th on 5th December. He did not get nausea, fever or anything. His legs has become so weak and thin. He can eat and walk a bit. But as I was telling, his palm of his hands and feet are numb and burns a lot. His shoulder and back is get so sensible and dark patches are expanding at a low pace. Can you please suggest any additional treatment for his skin. I have heard about steroid cream or can you suggest any of them to render his skin. Thanks a lot once again.

You need to show his skin break down to the nurse when you go for chemo they should be aware of what is going on. There is medicine they can give him for the pain in his hands and feet and someone needs to refer him to physical Therapy for his back and lack of strength and movement.

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I'm praying.

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@kovarl2026 hi…thx for your concern…god bless you people like this!!!