Hello. My name is Jim. I recently became a left leg BTK and

Hello. My name is Jim. I recently became a left leg BTK and right foot TMA amputee. It started as diabetic ulcers on both feet that I fought for 2 1/2 years. Through several hospital admissions and 2 separate toe amputations. IV antibiotics and bed rest... In the end I lost my left leg and half my other foot... Looking for support and advice. This is a whole new world to me. I was discharged last week after 5 weeks in the hospital. I am in limbo right now waiting for the right foot to be cleared to bear weight then I can start PT.

That is a lot to deal with! How are you feeling physically and mentally dealing with all of this?

To be honest, it is almost like a dream. Like it is happening to someone else and I am watching. I don't know. I smoke a lot of marijuana (Im in Mass where recreational is legal) which helps with the anxiety and with the large amount I smoke in a euphoric state but when I come back down reality hits me hard. I don't know if this is the equivalent of just stuffing the feelings down. I have an appointment with a psychologist specializing in diabetic complication victims. I plan to discuss all this and more with her.

As for physically, I feel great. A little bit of pain on the amputation site on the left leg but thats it. Kind of like a headache in my knee. I was given 30 Oxycodones if which I have used not even half. So I think I am doing good. Thank you so much for responding - Jim

Keep your head up and take it day by day. You will get through it don't give up!