Hello, my name is Kaleb. I was diagnosed with "Autism Spect

Hello, my name is Kaleb. I was diagnosed with "Autism Spectrum Disorder" when I was eleven. I'm just unsure what it is, if that makes sense. I've been told that autistic people have a hard time with social queues, but what does that mean? Is that how one communicates on a none verbal level? It's confusing what else do autistic people "struggle" with? I understand that different people experience the illness differently, so my experience won't be the same as someone else it just want to see if i can find any commonalities with others. Other then that I don't really have any concerns, autism doesn't bother me. these are just questions I think about from time to time I'm merely curious. Thank you

Hi Kaleb, it takes time to learn about it, so try not to feel overwhelmed with it I know that isn't always easy to do.
Basically, social queues is non verbal just like you said and that can mean things like knowing or sensing if someone is not interested in talking any longer but the other person doesn't even notice the subtle little signs like that person turning their body away slightly like they are getting ready to walk, or they they get a look on their face like I'm done talking now. Sometimes a person with autisim may not be able to tell if the other person made a little joke or if they are being sarcastic.
It can get easier as a person with autism gets older because symptoms and traits wax and wane over time, plus you will learn by practicing. I'm sure there are plenty of people like you aren't bothered too much by it. It depends if you have a supportive loving family that usually helps a lot. It also depends where you're at in life. College can be rough trying to do so many different classes.
Sensory issues are common such as not being able to feel how cold or hot it is but sometimes it can be the opposite where a person is overly sensitive to heat or cold. Are you still in school?

yes, I am in school, just finished my first semester in college, I am really enjoying it, though finals sucked, though I am sure most people dislike that period during school so I'm not alone. as for sensory issues, I don't like it when people touch me, I always thought that that could be a symptom of autism but I was unsure. it's really hard for me to know were autism ends and "normality" begins (for lack of a better word). with Tourette's I know what the symptoms are same goes with OCD.

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@Kaleb that’s great that you are in college. As time goes on you the touching thing might get a little better depending on where and what kind of touch such as maybe one person can’t stand a light touch they may prefer more pressure. Sometimes if the other person let’s them know ahead of time that they are going to touch them, that can help or if they ask if it’s ok that they touch them.
I understand what you mean by it’s hard to know where autisim ends and where it begins. I think many times it depends on how distressing something is for you but at the end of the day you know you have autisim and you know what you feel and that’s what’s important. So no matter what a person has or doesn’t have we need to do what’s best for ourselves or learn what’s best.