Hello, my name is Laura and i'm a shopping addict

Hello everyone! I am new to this whole support group thing. To get right to the point, I have a SERIOUS shopping problem. And while my shopping addiction is to thrift stores, I have racked up so much debt I am unsure how I’m going to ever dig myself out. I have been bad with money most of my life. I actually got into some law trouble in my teens because of it. But i worked really hard to get my credit up and one day it paid off, my bank gave me my 1st credit card. When I saw the approval I literally said out loud “did those bank people smoke crack today?”. Long story short, one credit card turned into 5 in the last year and a half. I was doing so well that first year. Paid everything on time and even early mostly. Then something changed and I didn’t see it until recently. I just spent and spent thinking I would pay it off like i have been. Then there was a sale, and another sale, and another sale. My closet is so full of stuff I cannot fit any more hangers into it. My logic was that because all of it was thrifted and not knew that I could afford it all. I can’t. And now i need serious help. And of course my dr’s office is booked through august. So I am reaching out to like minded folks hoping to shed some light on what to do.