Hello my name is Melissa i am 22 years old faitly healthy i

Hello my name is Melissa i am 22 years old faitly healthy i don't smoke only drink socially well i am having gall bladder removal surgery in two days and i am scared to death and stress panic attacks crying.... I never been put under asleep and that my biggest fear i am scared I'll die or i won't wake up or also scared about having a panic attack when they try to put me to sleep. I hada c-section before but i was awake. I know its a common surgery under a hour go home the same day. But i am so scared to the point that i don't even want to go in on friday i don't know what to do

I had my first non-dental surgery at 22 as well. I had to have a temporary colostomy after a childbirth related injury. I had C-section for my second child, I can tell you being put to sleep is better! So you know this is a needed procedure. You won't panic. You'll just feel relaxed, (you'll get your "happy gas" first lol!) then it will be like blinking and you are done! When they put the mask on, remind yourself in two seconds you will open your eyes and realize the surgery is over! Focus on how interesting of an experience that will be, relax yourself and be ready to be amazed! One second you are being taken into surgery (I am a bit of a chatterbox and I was talking and joking to the very last second lol!) and then blink...you are in recovery bed!!! It's actually really cool! I have had 3 surgeries, 4 if you include dental work, when I was put under and it's an interesting experience! I was scared before, I had wisdom teeth taken out while awake, wow, that was awful! So next wisdom teeth surgery I decided to go ahead and be put under (that was my first time with anesthesia, I think I was 20) and I couldn't believe the difference! It was like nothing!! My son was also scared when he had to have his wisdom teeth out too and I told him of anesthesia experience and he went through with it and was glad he did! Having done that made my other surgeries less scary because I knew it would be done in a blink. Try to look at it as a cool experience! Trust your surgical team, they know what they are doing and will make sure you are fine and will be monitoring you to keep you safe, that's their job, so trust them to do that!! Good luck, I'l be praying for you for peace until the surgery and for protection during and afterwards. ((Hugs)) to you, all will be fine. Change the way you look at this, make it into an interesting experience! Trust me, you will have fun telling your friends about the anesthesia experience!! And once you are back home...post a message to let us know how you are doing and what you thought of it all!!! Looking forward to seeing that post!

@Stillstrong101 thank you for the encouraging words i am trying to go with a mind set of going in and just getting it over with and that i will wake up fast

Yay!!! So glad it's done and over!! I wish you a speedy recovery and I hope you have a good anesthesia story to tell now!! Pretty cool, right!?? Very happy to hear all is well, thank you for posting to let me know!!

@Stillstrong101 i do i went in they told me they are giving me something to relax and that all i remember lol i don’t even remembers waking up talking to my doctor all i remember is sitting up asking the nurse how i got here