Hello, new group. (This is scary to talk to a support group

Hello, new group. (This is scary to talk to a support group...) Gosh, I am so tired. I can't even explain my problem. I don't like to talk to people and I can't make eye-contact. My family gets so mad at me and I get so depressed that I lose sleep. And now I'm tired. Sorry. Rambling. Can't help it.

Have you been to a therapist about this? It sounds like social anxiety. I have it

@Abusiverelationships529 Yes, but in general, he says that I am not allowed to feel things. :confused:

hello, my daughter has social anxiety at 10 yrs of age, it is a very hard thing to have, and not having support from your family makes it 10,000 times tougher to handle, iam so sorry you are going through this my dear...i know the feelings of family and other people not understanding you! i am 52 yrs old, and i have a very hard time having people believe that i have bi/polar and severe insomnia...dont worry about rambling, i do a lot of that myself, its so good that you have taken the initiative and reached out to a support group!!!! yea!!! it will help so much! i promise you, it really helped me a tremendous amount...hang in there and write me if you choose to do so..i would love it! take care and smiles....

@jodimoms Thank you so much. :slight_smile: People who finally understand!!! My parents would totally kill me If they found out that I’m on a support group website… But thanks. You really helped me feel better about my issue! <3

I have a hard time with eye contact. Sometimes, it feels like somebody's gaze is too penetrating, it hurts my eyes. If I look away, that's a social faux pax. If I maintain contact, i hurt and feel really uncomfortable.

It's probably a smidgen of hwat you go through, but I can empathize. And rambling's fine. I do it frequently.

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@MagDLynn I feel you on the uncomfortable part. DX

I don't make eye contact well either. It feels like they are looking in to my soul. I constantly turn my gaze away while talking to someone. It makes me very uncomfortable. You are not alone.

@turbulence I know, right? It’s so hard to look directly at a person, but then again, I’m conscious about my problem constantly. I mean, what do these people think of me when I’m talking them while staring at a wall?