Hello new to the group. I am so lost. I won and paid down so

Hello new to the group. I am so lost. I won and paid down some bills and said I was going to be done and could handle this. Well i made deposit into one of my accounts and thought i would just play a little online and maybe make a little more. Well I knew i needed that money to cover stuff in my other account. Before i knew it i played all of that money. plus more. So i go to the casino last night to see if i could make up some and i lost even more. I went this morning cashed a check again and ended up playing and losing almost all of it. I have checks coming in tomorrow and Friday. I'm in this terrible cycle, hoping to win so I can cover the money but that gets me in deeper. I'm so lost. I can't tell my husband he has no clue about my gambling and i don't want to tell my kids. I have thought of talking to my sister in-law about borrow the money to get my out of the hole. ITs so hamulating.
I've thought about just letting it hit the bank and trying to make arrangements to get the stuff paid back but I'm afraid of what would happen. I would have to borrow a couple thousand to get myself out of this and i can't keep cashing checks to keep covering cycle. I don't get paid for another 2 weeks.

Hun, this is an addiction and you need to come clean to your family and get help. This is a cycle and you can't break it without help. Do you need a hotline or phone number for addiction help?