Hello! New to this site and I'm hopeful it really helps me b

Hello! New to this site and I'm hopeful it really helps me because I don't know what else to do! If I had to tell you my life it would be a muti book bio. What I can say is my growing up in a home with no sense of direction has led to me wandering, searching for anyone to even act like they loved or cared for me. At 37, I feel like I don't have a purpose in life anymore! I have a 20 year old who I practically grew up with that doesn't do much with his life, a 7 year old with Autism who I've yet to understand sometimes, no communication with either parent althought my oldest is grown, no physical support from anyone, and family that thinks I should never feel the way I do because we don't tell or show our problems! I've never had much if any self esteem or confidence and that was lost a few months ago when a relationship ended after my putting off moving out of state to let him move in with me ended in him leaving me for someone else he met in my neighborhood. I stayed to myself for 4 years to get myself together because of repeatedly being hurt by men and thought I met Mr. Right, WRONG!!! Right now I feel like giving up! I finally did move out of state and now i'm worst off than i was where i came from. I have no one here and of the two people that said they would be there, one's gone because they didn't feel any chemistry although they were fine until reality hit that i wasn't moving in with them. The other, who's a relative has so much going on i don't know how they find time for themselves. I'm scared, lonely, and lost right now! I always hear people say you have to make yourself happy but what does that mean? I always believed if i made everyone else around me happy, by any and i mean, any, I would be happy. Right now I feel like a child that doesn't know where to start, how to begin, or what to do! I'm trying so hard to come outta this useless feeling I have but when the people you confide brush you off or tell you to get over it what do you do? I wish there was a switch that I could just instantly flick to turn off all the hurt, pain, and chaos in my life. Thanks for being a place where i can vent.

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Hello HiddenGem. So glad to met you. Glad you found this Group. Sounds like you have lots going on in your life and you are managing it. It is a wonderful post. I struggle with loads of issues depression being one of them. I found this group a few months back and now am so grateful. Site takes awhile to get used to and reading the FAQ will help clear up some problems. Again, you are welcomed here and I, look forward to reading future posts.

Thank you so and I will definitely take a look. Hope you have been able to find some ways to help deal with your obstacles. I’m going to try to find some happiness in this upcoming holiday back home and I hope you do too.

Hi hiddengem, and welcome to sg. I'm sorry you're in a really hard place right now. I grew up with lack of emotional support, like you. Also my life has been totally meaningless and confused. Also I was so so lonely. Well, that was 35 years ago. I was helped by psychotherapy and meds and support groups and a few other things. I am in a much better space now. When I read your post, one of the things that leaped out at me is your isolation. Maybe this suggestion would be helpful: If there is a 12-step group in your area, you might want to check it out. (AA, Codependents Anon., Adult Children of Alcoholics&Dysfunctional parents, etc. etc.) Mind you, I personally don't agree with the 12 steps program! But what I've noticed is that I can find kindred spirits there, and make connections with people, and be real. So this may be helpful for you. I even went to Overeaters Anonymous, and I don't even have an eating disorder! But it helped, because people were being real and talking about their struggles. Anyhow, good luck. I hope things get a little better every day for you.