Hello new to this site

Hi everyone. I have just recently been spending way too much money. I cant really even remember when or how this started. I noticed it when I started having trouble paying my bills on time. I guess I never noticed it before because I would always make excuses and have my bills paid with no problem. It is starting to take a toll on my relationship and my bills, does anyone have a saving routine that works for them without being tempted to spend it? I really need some help.

Hi NumberOneShopaholic, welcome to Support Groups and thank you for sharing your story. I can totally and completely relate to you, as I was an over-spender once upon a time. I technically used shopping as my therapy ("retail therapy"), though the repricusions were always pretty bad. I would constantly get behind on my bills and it would cause major stress to the point where I couldn't take it any longer. I lost nights of sleep, it effected my health and I finally came to the conclusion that it wasn't worth it. I decided to completely take my finances into my control and to only spend money that I legitimately had to spend. I don't have any credit cards, I only spend cash. This way if I don't have it, then I don't spend it. As well, bills are always a priority, once those are paid then the remainder goes towards necessities such as food and gas. The rest of my cash goes into my savings account and is there for emergency purposes.

Also, the economic state really made me much more frugal because now I know that nothing is certain and should we have another dip, I can be in a good spot with my savings.

Take it one step at a time. Set up a budget where you can clearly see all of your bills versus your income. And, when you purchase something fun for yourself make it a reward and for special occasions only.

I hope this helps a bit.

Good advice puppy

Thanks so much Lilac, it's what worked for me and has really stuck. I don't have any want or need to shop unnecessarily.

Thank you puppydoglvr, Im really in the beginning stages of saving right now. Now that Im not Christmas shopping for anyone anymore I thought it would be a good time to start saving a lot. Im trying really hard at this point. It's really online shopping that kills me, I never realized before what a serious problem this was. Every time I have some money the only thing I wanna do is online shop. Thank you for your advice Im relly going to start to try and get this under control.

Good for you, #1Shopaholic,
That is the first step, reckognizing it is a problem. Second is taking the steps to correct the prolbem.
I wish you much luck in your recovery.
Shopping and overspending fills a void for me and gives me a temporary "high" so I tend to do it when I am feeling bored. Keep busy with other things it helps.
Take care of you,

Thank you Lily123. The feeling is the same with me, it definitely gives me a temporary high. I never wanted to see it as a problem because I just told myself and everyone else around me that Im just a girly girl who loves shopping and clothes. I have a steady job which is another reason I never saw it as a problem. I used to make bills a priority and made sure I had enough money to pay them but that slowly started to go down my list of important things, I'm glad I can see it as a serious problem now, I just wish I knew why it got this bad.

Dig deep melissa, there is probably a reason in you why you let your spending get so bad, to quote you.....Alot of my ongoing recovery includes looking into my spirituality, thinking about how God plays a role in my decisions...if you dont believe in God, that's okay, everyone can find their spirituality and draw strength from it to recover....I have a husband who works alot, isnt home alot, so one of my many flaws is that shopping filled the hole that I felt when I was lonely......It felt better temporarily, but it didnt fill the void....I try to find things to busy myself when he's not around...I paint, I read books, I do yard work, clean....just stuff to keep me at the house...if I dont go the store, I wont spend any money! Good luck to you melissa...Keep coming back for support...