Hello. Notacat here. I'm new. I though I posted something la

Hello. Notacat here. I'm new. I though I posted something last night, but it seems to have not gone through (probably because it was too long). But, basically I starved myself constantly in middle school and then binged nonstop all throughout highschool and now my freshman year at college. I need to change, so I thought I might join this group. Really though, looking through the post it seems that people only really introduce themselves and recommend the book "Brain over Binge". Does this community actually do anything or is it a good for nothing site?

Welcome to our group. I'm sensing some impatience on your part. Recovering from a binge eating disorder isn't a quick fix. It requires lots of hard work and a tolerance for temporary setbacks. The most efficient way for dealing with a binge eating disorder is to attend a 20 session series of cognitive-behavioral counseling which can be completed in about 4-6 months. Others like myself, use a good self-help recovery book such as "Overcoming Binge Eating" by Dr. Christopher G. Fairburn. Still others prefer the group process as offered by Over Eater's Anonymous and some use a combination of therapy. Whichever appeals to you, the key is to get on a program. You referred to my recommending "Brain Over Binge." I felt that the specific individual I was dealing with would benefit from that book. Continuing as a group member allows you to gain good ideas for dealing with your binge eating disorder and obtaining support as recovering from a binge eating disorder isn't easy. We're not therapists but we all offer empathetic understanding for eating disorder sufferers. Hope my information is helpful.