Hello. So I have to get on here and complain because I am ir

Hello. So I have to get on here and complain because I am irritable. I am back on the calorie restriction so I can get in a deficit which means I can’t eat very much. So I’m not happy.
I can eat a lot of greens. I did that. I even had some fruit and oatmeal. But I can’t eat the Hershey bars or Lara bars because the calories go up too fast. So I’m irritable. I’m gonna put myself to bed soon. I’ll drink a little bit of water. And then tomorrow I get to get up and drink celery juice. Yay…

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For 4 months there were many days I probably ate 5000 cal a day. Stress binging, self loathing because I decided to internalize the Narcs stuff.
Now I’m back down to 1000 cal a day. So… Big difference. I’m going to get used to it. I like my steamed carrots and I started eating steamed brussels sprouts too and that’s really good. I put a little Salt, garlic powder, cayenne pepper and honey so it’s sweet and salty too sweet and spicy.

There is the book called The Anderson Method on Amazon.. I am listening to it on Audible.. over and over… simple strategies to change thinking .. that is what we have to do to win this battle.. hope everyone is Winning today.. and Share! Wins.. losses..

I must say .. I was losing weight before but it was so slow.. I don’t want to wait so long to get this 10 pds off ..

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Hope your able to stick to it and load the weight!

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@Foundlove hey there V. Was thinking of you yesterday and meant to pm you. We need to catch up.

Yes. . I’m back to complain some more. I could feel OK eating fruit last night when I wanted some thing. I don’t worry about that because it’s fat free clean food. Can’t do much damage they are right… And then today I’m still craving fat I guess. Because I’ve eaten pretty fat free for a while.
I ordered this vegan chocolate protein powder that I could use to get my satisfaction there.
And I did order some baking dark chocolate in bulk from this place because I could portion it out in small amounts (small pieces) and just have a little from time to time which is cheaper than store-bought chocolate.
I am waiting for this stuff. In the meantime.. I have a lot of bananas to satisfy my sugar craving.
Bananas are very healthy foods for our body.
The myth that fruit is bad because of sugar .. is just a myth.
If you ate just fruit for breakfast and lunch and a normal dinner.. you will be so healthy. It does not spike blood sugar.
If you have diabetes.. you should try it.

I ate pizza and cake. I do have one day a week that I allow myself the extra. I was trying to wait till weekend but I will just consider it today.. i feel like I gave in because because of outside distractions.. I think that is what gets us.
If we could lock ourselves away from the world for 6 months with all the foods we need delivered and no outside stress , we could abstain from the binge or comfort foods easier.
I did it like that before.
Now I have too many things. It is spring break and I am spending time with the Narc sister so I can see Nieces ..
I think I am good till Sunday after everything I ate.
I wanted to make every Sunday my off day from low calorie and just eat whatever.

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@LollyNews the important thing is your trying best to keep to healthy diet! Don’t let
One or two days throw you off if not goes according to plan