Hello there. My trich started around 8 years ago, I've been

Hello there. My trich started around 8 years ago, I've been struggling with it ever since. So far I've always had long and thick enough hair to cover everything, tough it just takes a small wind to mess up my hair and everything shows. I've been seeing therapist for 3 years, though in her opinion my mind is already set for recovery, so I see her once a month.
I was just wondering - because someone new, possibly close, is coming to my life, I don't really know if I'd be ever able to tell him about trich. He never asked about it, thoug I doubt he hadn't noticed. Do you maybe had the same struggle or experience you'd be able to share with me? I know I should talk to my therapist, but I would appreciate your view on this.

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Don't stress about disclosing your trich to this new person right away. If it comes up, talk about it, if not I'd let it be. Do you know what triggers your trich?

@AnaLeigh Hi :slight_smile: Yeah, I know I shouldn’t have, but it’s probably because of my self-consciousness that I still have this thought in the back of my head. I’m trying to fight it, though :slight_smile:
So far when someone new asked straight away what’s the deal with my bald spots, I was answering with “hormonal problems”, since I don’t want to announce my trich to everybody.
After all my therapy sessions, I figured out my trich is triggered by suppresing my emotions (in the past I never showed sandess or anger, because I thought it made me look weak. Now I know it’s not true). I also have urges when I get really stressed out (but insted of biting my nails, I pull out my hair). I’m more aware when my urge shows up and mostly either try to occupy myself with something else or try to talk to my close people (who know about my trich). Of course, sometimes I fail with the urge, but at least now I can quickly stop myself while pulling out, just to seek support.
Most of my bald spots are old, which hardly grow back anymore :frowning: But I still manage to cover them, after all these years.

Hey there, just wanted to say that when I was 19 I met the love of my life and months after meeting him I knew I was ready to tell him. I knew he had noticed and hadn't commented for sake of manners, but I trusted him. He was someone I wanted to bury my heart and soul into. When he found out he said that the fact that I trusted him with this information made him love me even more. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do but I don't regret it for a second.

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@Claredelune74 Hi :slight_smile: I really love your story and I am very happy for you and your partner that you have such a great connection and trust :slight_smile: I really wish I could bring my courage and talk openly about this with my boyfriend.
For now I also think he noticed and also doesn’t want to ask. I get really nervous when he wants to caress my head, but he doesn’t seem to be bothered so far. Maybe one day it’ll just come up :slight_smile:
Thank you for your reply! It really made my day :slight_smile: