Hello Weight loss Warriors! I’m full from fiber ,potat

Hello Weight loss Warriors!

I’m full from fiber ,potato and dairy free ice cream.
I’m happy. Now I just have to drink water because I’m thirsty. I keep water in the fridge so it’s cold.
That’s the goal. Always have a gallon of water in the fridge. And then when I feel like it, I will juice a lemon to put in there.
If you can, you want to filter your water. Then stick it out in the sun for a day to bring some life into it. Adding some lemon to your water does the same thing.
If that’s not an option, just drink it. :-)

I am being mindful of what I’m eating, drinking water, and making sure I’m moving my body. I walked today at the dog park and I’m cleaning my house. So I’m sweating.
Then I am going to weigh myself again sometime in October. And do my measurements again.
No need to do it too often. I know it’s tempting. Sometimes I do weigh too often. But right now, I’m not doing it again until October.

How are y’all doing!

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I made it 6 hours between my early dinner and eating my Lara bars. I think I’m good though. Probably in the range I’m supposed to be in as far as calories for the day. The food I had earlier was my lower calorie food. I just have to stop now. We’re good.

That is awesome!

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@CKBlossom hey there blossom. How are you doing? What’s on the menu today? Do you ever wake up with the impulse to eat right away? I don’t want to give into that because if I do, then I eat more throughout the day. Must get the water first. Must drink water. And today is a celery juice day. Yum! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha