Hello, would someone please share what tips they have used t

Hello, would someone please share what tips they have used to help them with organization? Thanks!!

Hello, it helps to put things back in the same place eveytime so you can find it even if your home gets messy you will still be able to find what you need.
I bought folders to keep important papers in, I put a big label on the front or use a black permanent marker so all of my medical appt papers have a folder and of course everything else. I keep receipts in a clear zip lock bag or a clear tote so at least they are all in the same spot. For me, I found keeping things in clear see through totes in a cabinet works well. I have varying sizes most are shoe box size or larger and if it's something I need to get into often I don't keep a lid on it. It really depends on the space you have to work with and how much stuff you have. If you have a tall free standing cabinet those are nice because you can put totes on the shelves and just walk up and open the doors it's all right there. If you have alot of drawers and lots of things then clear totes are nice to keep things in so it doesn't get so mixed up and you can find things easier.
I'm all about clear containers it makes it so much easier to find things. Folders keep things tucked away and easy to find when labeled.

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@Fohb460 thanks so much for these tips!