Hello my support friends.

I am signing in under another name. Some people have found my post and started going through them to find out more about my condition and to confront me on it. I thought it best for my sanity to log in under a new name. The only way they found my post was by my username.

I had a challenging night. My husband and I got into a big fight over my ED again. He is disappointed is my progress. He believes I am "sicker" than he thought and I need more support. I know I need more support and am just waiting to hear from the doctor. I hope this is sooner than later.

love and hugs

Aww...Daisy, do you feel you need more help/support then you're currently getting?


I am potentially going to get some outpatient help. I hope to hear from my doctor today. Once I see my psychiatrist in December I also hope to discuss with him the possibility of seeing him more often too, even if it is just for a while.

love and hugs

Shana...thinking of you today...take care...Jan ♥