Hi there everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself to the group.
So here it goes...my name is Paige and I'm 17 years old (almost 18!!). I started developing anorexia when I was 13/14 and went quickly downhill to hospitalization. I learned a lot while hospitalized, but ever since have still never quite recovered. My relationship with food never, "normal". I still have fears.

Then last summer I developed bulimia. It all started out with night time binges over Christmas in an attempt to gain weight after dropping very low. I'd eat something like 20 cookies a night, and all these chocolates.... needless to say I gained the weight back, but the night time binges? Didn't go away. I began to get scared I'd keep gaining (even though I still needed to) so started purging after my nightly binges, and the starve myself during the day. I became very depressed, and I so badly wanted to stop, yet I kept it from my parents, and my counselor.
Then the cutting started one fateful night in an attempt to distract myself from binging...further down the hill I went.

BUT! Not all is horrible. When school started; amidst all my troubles, I was able to open up to someone...who is now the love of my life. His name is John and he's helped me stop my purging and cutting. I do "binge" sometimes at night, but it's more of an anorexic binge than anything else. Now together we're working on my anorexia. I feel like I can talk to him about anything and I'm SO thankful to have him.

Other fun facts if you're not bored yet!
- I LOVE art: photography especially
- I love writing
- I have a dog named Otis that I adore, and a cat named Ditch (because we found him in one)
- I am a white belt in Kung Fu and LOVING it (not triggering at all! And since John is a black belt at the same club he's always there to help me)

I'd love to help anyone who needs it :)
Thanks for reading this :)

special...welcome!! I love that you truly shared about WHO you are, and not just about the eating disorder that you are struggling with! Yay!
I'm sorry you are struggling with an eating disorder, but I am happy that you have a special person who loves you for who you are, and who can be helpful to you.
I hope you will continue to share and to help us get to know you....Jan ♥

Thanks Jan :) It's good to know I'm welcome :)
It will be nice to get to know everyone here too!

A thousand welcomes special.

You are a great addition to this group. I learnt so much from one of your replies on the bulimia forum. Thank you.

Strange how sometimes you know the answer but you only know that you know it when someone else gives you the same answer: eat regularly to curb binges, to curb purging.


Anyway, i look forward to reading more from you and hope we can help you through your struggles.


I'm so glad to hear I helped you Srebotnik :)
I agree that sometimes you need to hear it from someone else to know it's true. I think it's because part of you can convince yourself that maybe you are wrong, but then once someone else says it, you that doubt is what's wrong not you.

Thanks for the support!! :)

Welcome to support groups! I love how positive you are! I'm 22 and I also started when I was about 13/14 (it seems that a lot of people do) but now I'm doing better. You must be about my cousin's age- she will be 18 in two weeks and she just started college. Keep posting- I like your insights!

welcome to support groups--this site is a wonderful,caring place to help you with your ED...

please write more!


Special, Just wanted to...like everyone else...welcome you to this site. You will find lots of help and encouragement here and you will find some of the sweetest, most caring people! :) I look forward to hearing more about you and from you. Feel free to message me anytime! God bless! *Kasee*

Thank you for sharing! I look forward to getting to know you more through other posts. :-) I'm glad you're reaching out for help, and I wish you all the best!