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Hello...I've never posted anything online but I"m in desperate need of some help. I have had OCD for years but I've been medicated and am highly functioning. I'm not sure if anyone can relate to my problem but here it is: I have compulsive shoplifting addiction for the last 15 years. I have been arrested many times and if it happens again I will be going to jail for 30 days...which I'm terrified of. I've been in therapy for years for my OCD but so far counseling hasn't stopped my shoplifting addiction. It is way out of control and am wondering if anyone can relate. There is no support group for shoplifting addiction in my town. I'm at the end of my rope. Help!!!

I wish I could relate so I could be more help. I have obsessive thoughta about my weight and I only eat if it has a low, even number of calories and has to be arranged a certain way. Not sure if that constitutes ocd. Do you know why therapy hasn't worked? What kind of support are you looking for? I would love to be able to help you. Don't want you to jail. Id love to see you beat this =]

Hi Tonya, I have never had a problem with shoplifting. I am in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. We are taught to identify the underlying problems and deal with them. I did a search and found this link that may be of help to you:


Keep sharing. Maybe someone else will come along who has more experience, strength and hope to share with you.