Help before i go crazy

i am at the point of no return right now for many reasons that i cant do anything about but i am trying my hardest to not cut or any other crazy thought that might go through my head right now cause i am really struggling i feel like a ticking time bomb and am about to explode majorly all of my addictions are hitting me all at once and it aint good i just want to give up on it all to OD or cut or let the eds come over me or to go get sex from some random person to get drunk to get stoned to jump off of a building or some other hair brain idea i love nights like this where i get to where i am inches from giving in and saying **** the world y is it that razors look so good when i am this way why is it that any of these things look so good to do y does it feel so good to watch the blood flow y does it feel so good to binge and purge or not eat at all or thew idea of taking all my pills that are in the house this maybe good bye

Tiffer, I know how you feel. I get those feelings all the time and I know how hard it is to fight it. I know that I often feel like giving up and just letting the disorder win. But you know what? I DON'T~! I refuse to give in and let ED get the best of me. When it gets really hard for me I try to think about what my therapist told me. "Tell yourself, I need to live. I deserve to be happy. I need to live, I deserve to be happy" Over and over.. You have a lot of people in your life whom I am positive love and care about you! You are not alone! I share your pain. I know how you feel.

When you feel this way, is there a friend you can call? Perhaps a family member? That is what I will usually do when I feel this way. I am always here if you need to talk. We can fight this together. You are not alone! We all love you. Always remember that!

u dont understand i have the whole world on my shoulders

Your right I cant say I understand exactly how you feel. But you do not have to have the weight of the world on your shoulders. That feeling I do understand. I can relate to that feeling. You are not alone, please remember that. We are all in this together.

You are not alone and when you feel like this you should get on the phone with someone or have someone come over if possible. If not, or until then keep talking on here.

Agreed, we may not be there in person perse, BUT we are as close as a keystroke. most of us have messengers as well so eithr way, we can talk when that laod becomes too much to bear. we"ll do what we can and are able to do. , so hang in there, be stubborn, tell the conditions, issues, and the weight of the world to F$%k off cause ti cannot have you, you wont let it.

thank you guys i am doing good now that i got out the hospital

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